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Open Source Solutions

An open source system is a software application where the source code is freely available for modification, customisation and integration as per the individual’s requirements. Open source content management systems provide a freely available structure which can be tailored to build and manage your website.

We use the flexible base of these open source solutions and couple it with our expertise in design and coding. CMS is a good option for content-rich websites, blogs and e-commerce portals as there is no need to reinvent the wheel - we use the core-base of the CMS engine as the initial building blocks to create and manage your website.

The key thing to remember is that the success of a CMS based platform is equally dependant on the robust nature of the CMS and the value added by the developer at their end.

Some popular open source solutions are:


It is the most popular open source solution for blogging platforms.The predefined modules for managing blogs like moderating blog comments are very handy stepping stones in developing good blogs.


Joomla is a comprehensive content management system. It is suited for developing vibrant websites, shopping portals and online applications. This award-winning CMS is easy to use and extensible.


Drupal is known for its ease-of-use and trouble free application development. As a result, it has over 700,000+ global users. It is always the prefered choice for large business portals that demand flexibility and simplicity in operation.


This fast growing E-commerce Management System offers great flexibility through its architecture, user friendly promo tools and easily manageable catalogues. It is most commonly used for e-commerce platforms.